June 8, 2013

The Enormous Turnip

Sasha had a ballet trial at United Square today and I brought her on my own. Was apprehensive she would be clingy when I dropped her off, but thankfully she didn’t cry throughout the 45mins she was on her own.
When asked if she enjoyed it, it was a vehement ‘no!’ She claimed she had no space to dance and from what I gathered, she was more an observer than a participant. Am not sure I actually want to sign her up for ballet, she likes to dance freestyle at home but it’s a long term commitment to actually do this for a few years and I’m not sure she has that much of an interest…it’s more Mildred wanting her to join.

Nat hasn’t fully recovered but we took precautions bringing her out today. We had a date with ‘The Enormous Turnip’ in the afternoon together with Sasha and Gigi at the Alliance Francais and the girls enjoyed themselves immensely.

The play was funny and interactive, the story deviated a little from the original but there were some lessons and values to be learned. Sasha was laughing her head off, she found the play really funny.
It was a local cast and at the end, they invited some kids from the audience to help pull out the turnip but none of ours volunteered. What’s new?

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