November 21, 2013

England (Day 1 & 2, 19-20 Nov 2013)

Arrived in London yesterday with my boss AL and we checked into the Lancaster Hotel, near Paddington. 

As we had an afternoon meeting in the office, we had limited time to stretch our legs after the long flight but managed to get a couple of hours at Westfield London in Shepherd's Bush, just a few stops on the tube and we happened to have an underground station right at the hotel's basement! 
My boss isn't much of a shopper and stuck closely with me after we had a quick bite, and I mean closely, following me into every store and I felt bad though she said she didn't mind. 

Bought a couple of items from Zara including a brown mock leather tote and a quilt cover from Zara Home, which was my main shopping target. There were so many pretty things but I felt hurried for time and couldn't shop in peace. But we did stock up at the supermarket though, on goodies to bring back and I bought baby food to lug back too!
We were a tad late for our afternoon meeting, and AL was very quiet, being new and had a persistent cough. Because she wasn't well, we decided to skip a team member's farewell and tapaued dinner from M&S back to the hotel for an early night. 
We are now here in the Cotswolds in England, in a little place called Wyck Hill House in Stow-on-the-Wold. The marketing team is having an offsite meeting to plan and bond, there are so many new faces and having just returned to work for a few weeks, I am still trying to get my bearings. 

We left London this morning and took a couple of hours to get loving the autumn colours! 
Spent the afternoon with a facilitator learning about our SDI personalities before cocktails and dinner, and tomorrow is a full session of presentations and a team building event. 
I am having to pump every few leceh! The room is cozy and big but am freezing my butt off because I'm not feeling the heater!

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