November 24, 2013

England (Day 4 & 5, 22 - 23 Nov 2013)

I'm back! And the boy has left! He and the girls came to the airport to pick me up and it was a case of 'hi' and 'bye' as he checked in for a flight to India. I lugged a fair bit of booby milk back, they survived the long flight thanks to Kevin's beer cooler box and some long lasting gel packs I invested in. 

On Friday, the meeting ended after lunch and it was early evening by the time we checked back into the Lancaster London and dumped the bags. AL and I headed out to Oxford Street to shop and had a sucky Japanese dinner within Selfridges. The Christmas decor was up, bought a couple of tops from Primark and House of Fraser. 
After we parted ways, I made my way to Ayoush, a Moroccan restaurant and bar managed by Tarek. It was pretty quiet for a Friday night, maybe because not many know about the bar in the basement but the interior was quite lovely especially the cut out shadows from the Moroccan lamps. Didn't try much from the menu, Tarek was quality checking a couple of the appetisers so I just shared them and had an orange juice. 
Yesterday I met Anjali at Notting Hill to have breakfast and walk around Portobello Market for a bit. The newlywed was glowing and I passed her a belated wedding gift from Shanghai Tang from me and Swana. 
We ate at an American-style diner called Electric Diner and then braved the cold to jalan a bit. Silly me didn't bring a proper jacket, just my thick sweater and I was freezing. Forgot my leather gloves too and the fleece ones I had were not enough. 
Posed for pictures at what we thought was the house Hugh Grant lived in the movie 'Notting Hill' but I think it was just herd mentality after we saw other people do it, and it was not the right house! I wished I had more time to walk around but had to rush back to pump and check out before catching our evening flight. I did managed to squeeze another hour at Oxford St though, die die still managed to buy clothes for me!

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