April 1, 2017

Sasha at 7

My dearest Sasha, just like that you are 7 and not such a baby anymore. Happy birthday Pumpkin! Since you've settled into primary school, there's been a visible difference to how you carry yourself and behave.

You've shown you can be responsible for your homework, doing it immediately when you get home from school, putting aside documents which need my attention and packing your school bag independently. Keep it up sweetie! Maybe me going back to work wasn't such a bad thing.
I love how you are the first to greet me at the door when I come home from work, such a joy to get a hug and hear your "Mamoo". I don't know when you three started calling us Mamoo and Dadoo but I kinda like it.

You are the most affectionate among the 3 and don't ever stop giving me my 'Sasha hugs'. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in declining new stuff because you say you don't want us to waste money but you don't always have to use hand-me-downs ok?

While you've definitely matured in recent months, there are still moments you unleash your temper on Nat and Noah. Don't think I haven't seen you pinch them or stamp on their feet when you think no one's looking, my Sasha Fierce!

You are unique and lovely, inside and out and I know you will go far. Love you deep deep.